Brain Storm Escape Games

Main Location: Nacross, GA

Activities Offered:

  • Group Escape Rooms
  • Team Building
  • Events & Parties

Escape Rooms

Black & White Room

Description: You used the latest virtual reality remote to transport yourself into an old black and white television show. But you lost the remote and are now trapped in a world of black and white! The only way to get out is to rewire the virtual exit portal before the one hour show ends, or you will never see color again!

Number of Players: 10

Time: 60min

Success Rate: 53%

Record Time: 23:01

Price: $30 per person

Area 51

Description: The year is 1947. The government is secretly experimenting with the creation of a new life form: a hybrid of humans and aliens! But they can’t finish this experiment until they retrieve more human body parts! You have one hour to escape Area 51 before they come back and make you and your group part of their experiment! Hopefully, you still have your brain…you’re going to need it!

Number of Players: 10

Time: 60min

Success Rate: 48%

Record Time: 33:30

Price: $30 per person


Description: Your team of archaeologists was on a secret dig when the earth below you crumbled! You find yourself in ancient catacombs where the Romans buried their dead. No one knows you are here. You only have 60 minutes of air. Can you escape the narrow passages before air runs out? Or will you remain behind forever, your bones resting alongside those who came before you?!

Number of Players: 8

Time: 60min

Success Rate: 52%

Record Time: 27:15

Price: $30 per person


Description: The Department of Homeland Security has discovered that a major terrorist cell has been found in the Atlanta area. The evidence suggests that they are hiding in a nearby suburb to the north, called Norcross, and they are planning something big! You need to figure out where this terrorist event will take place before it is too late. They will carry out their mission in 60 minutes, unless you can stop them.

Number of Players: 10

Time: 70min

Success Rate: 40%

Record Time: 52:30


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