Putting things into perspective…

Have you ever felt pessimistic about your life situation, then had something happen to you that changes the way you feel about it? A common perspective shift happens for people around money. They may feel poor, until they travel to a much poorer region of the world, then all of a sudden they feel rich.

This is the power of perspective. You can have your entire outlook on life flipped upside down in a matter of minutes.

To be mindful of perspective is to harness the power of your mind. Simply understanding how you’re interpreting your world; how you are assigning values to emotions and events… is the entryway to being able to influence them.

Most happy and successful people have cultivated the ability to be self aware and to manage their emotions by paying attention to their own perspective and what influences it.

Having an accurate perspective of a room and the people in it will help you succeed in an escape room. More importantly it can help you in many other situations in life. You might find that some of the skills gaming helps to strengthen are transferable to other parts of your life. Perspective!