What is Adventure Rooms room escape?

Adventure Rooms offers various interactive group entertainment experiences. Your team will explore unique environments, find interesting objects, and use clues to solve a series of puzzles in an attempt to reach the ultimate objective. Your adventure awaits… Welcome to Adventure Rooms!

Do I need a reservation?

Yes, a reservation is required and we suggest you make it in advance. Events fill up quickly! In order to create the reservation you will need to leave a 50% deposit. Reservations can be made online or by calling us.

How much does it cost?

The price per person starts at $27.

Will I or my team be paired up with strangers?

No, At Adventure Rooms your team has private access to the event space. You will never be paired up with strangers. It will be just you and your teammates taking on Adventure Rooms.

What is the minimum number of players per team? What is the maximum number of players per team?

The minimum team size is 2 players. The maximum team size is 8 players. Larger groups will be broken up into smaller teams and will take on different events simultaneously. We can accommodate changes to team size when you arrive for your event.

Can I bring more than 8 teammates to Adventure Rooms?

Certainly! We can host events for large groups. Groups of 10 or more may be broken up into smaller teams. For more information on placing a reservation for 10 or more people, please call or email us.

Do I need to know the exact number of players on my team to make a reservation?

No. The reservation simply secures your event date and time. We can adjust your adventure type and accommodate changes in team size when you arrive for your event.

How many different Adventure Rooms events are available?

Each Adventure Rooms location is unique, but we typically offer at least 3 different event experiences at each location. Each event offers a completely unique team challenge, with a varied theme and level of difficulty.

How long is a typical Adventure Rooms event?

You’ll have 60 minutes to complete your challenge.

Can I host a birthday party at Adventure Rooms?

Absolutely! We would love to host your birthday party. Adventure Rooms is also an excellent venue for team-building, an unforgettable date night, a family bonding experience, a unique night out with friends, or even a marriage proposal!

Is it scary? Are there any horror elements?

Adventure Rooms events are thrilling… but are not dangerous. There are no horror elements.

Is physical exertion (e.g. climbing or crawling) required? Do I have to be physically fit to play?

No. Our event spaces require mental muscles, not physical ones. There is no heavy lifting, climbing, or crawling required. You will not get dirty.

What is your rescheduling & cancellation policy?

You can reschedule your reservation up to 2 hours before your scheduled start time. You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before your scheduled start time. Refunds are subject to location specific policies.

I am under 18 years of age. Can I participate?

Our events are designed predominately for adults. However, team members 14 years of age and older can participate. Those between 10-13 years of age are required to have parental/guardian supervision, as well as parental/guardian participation during the event.

What time should I arrive for my event?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled event start time.

What happens if we arrive late for our event?

To avoid scheduling delays for subsequent groups, we may need to reduce your event time if your group arrives more than 10 minutes late.

Will I be given a refund if I arrive late and miss participating?

You will not be processed a refund if you fail to participate because of a late arrival. No-shows are not eligible for refund or rescheduling and the remaining balance will be charged to the card on file.