Are you looking for a great team building activity?

Do you want to show your colleagues how much they are appreciated?

Do you want to get to know your staff members?

Do you want to thank a client or vendor?

Team Building Package:

2 Hour Package $40 per person


At Adventure Rooms, our goal is to challenge, inspire, and entertain our clients. Your team will look for clues, encounter both logic and tactile based puzzles, and work as a team to successfully execute the assigned Adventure Rooms mission.

Flexible Time Slots:


Corporate teams have the flexibility to book outside of our normal business hours and have priority in event space selections anytime from 10am to 9pm Monday through Friday.

2 Hour Time Block:


The Corporate Adventure Rooms experience will come with an extra half hour on site which can be used for mingling, networking, or to enjoy refreshments. Give a pep talk, hold a pre- or post meeting or simply allow team members to arrive in a more relaxed fashion. Extra time also allows for team members to arrive individually, which saves on company provided transportation. The added flexibility allows small teams to start the activity at their convenience. 

Private Access to Location:


Your Corporate team is ensured to be the only team on site during your 2 hour reservation time.  This allows your team to choose which specifics event space(s) to play. This also allows for private access to our location lobby areas before and after your event for a team meeting prior to commencing the event and time to discuss everyone's experience at the conclusion of the event.

Companies Served