What is a Room Escape?

A glimpse into our Swiss Original event space in Montclair, NJ

A glimpse into our Swiss Original event space in Montclair, NJ

As the concept of room escape begins to sweep across the country it is important to really understand what your getting yourself into when booking a room escape event, here's a brief summary of what you should expect.

Room Escape - an interactive group entertainment experience where you and your team work together to find clues and hints hidden in your environment, to solve a series of logical puzzles, that will lead to an ultimate objective.

The typical room escape will last you 60 minutes, now you may be saying to yourself, “One hour to get out of a room? Watch me set a record!”  Trust us, once you see your clock tick down to single digits, you will be begging, sometimes even trying to bribe your Game Master for more time on the clock.

In terms of challenge, a question we hear ever so often, “So, you said puzzles are logic based puzzles, does that mean I need to be really good at math and science?” The answer is nope! Of course there will be puzzles that can be solved quicker if someone on your team happens of have a specific skill set or interest, many times because of this groups learn fun facts about each other like, “Who knew Josh used all those commuting hours to level up on Sudoku games?!” But no foreknowledge in any category is needed to solve any of the puzzles you will encounter in the event spaces.  If your team does feel as if they have hit a wall and need assistance, don’t fret, Game Masters are always waiting to lend a helping hand, how and when do they provide hints you ask? Well, your team will just need to study their environment to find out…

The most important part about a Room Escape experience is teamwork and communication, so make sure you choose your team wisely.

There are many event spaces to be played and plenty of time to prove yourself a Room Escape master. As the saying goes "practice makes perfect" so go out there and start your Room Escape Journey!