4 Tips That Will Help Your Team Succeed

So, you sent out your group texts, Facebook event invites, friends have taken off work, gotten a baby sitter and planned their night to be a part of your all star room escape team.  Your booking has been created and the flood of questions from friends have begun, “Do you know what to do when we get in there?”, “Should we have a scrabble pre game at my place? I want to set a record!”. Well, not to worry, after watching countless teams take on our event spaces, we have compiled 4 tips used by our top record holders which will give your team a fighting chance.

  1. Communicate: We know it may sound cheesy, but communication is KEY! Making sure your team members communicate is so important when it comes to a Room Escape. When you find something say something, don’t just brush the item off and place it somewhere where it will be lost and forgotten. You definitely do not want to be the person that held the final piece of the puzzle in their hand and said nothing.

  2. Stay Organized: With the amount of items you will be finding in your rooms it can definitely get overwhelming. Once your team has used an item, place it to the side so everyone knows the item has been used already, do the same for unused items. The worst situation to be in is when you receive a clue that prompts you to use a tool you hastily tossed aside 15 minutes ago and now are scrambling to recover it.

  3. Take a step back: There will be times where your team will hit a wall and you have no idea what to do next. Take a step back and assess the situation, perhaps you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle yet. There is no point in obsessing over something that you can’t quite solve yet.

  4. Always be open to try new things: If you guys get stuck don’t give up! Let everyone have a chance to give their opinion on what’s the next step. You may realize someone in your group has a different view point and can understand the puzzle in a different way.

Above all else make sure you have fun! Room escapes were made to bring groups of people closer together in a fun and exciting way. Who knows you might learn something interesting about yourself and your teammates.