How to Convince Your Friends to Come Out and Try Adventure Rooms

Don’t let convincing your friends to come out and have a great time become a nightmare! Adventure Rooms is offering a new form of entertainment that will leave you wanting more, but it will only be as fun as the people you bring with you. So here are some tips to get your best friends to come out and have a great time.

Is your friend a scaredy cat? If so let them know that there are absolutely no horror elements! There are never any ghouls, goblins, or ghosts hiding around the corner to scare you. Although, we are never against you scaring your friends - it’s always interesting to watch and it might just make one of our Game Masters laugh as they watch.

Are any of your friend claustrophobic? Don’t worry, there are always emergency exits so you’re never actually trapped in. If you start to feel light headed, you can walk right out and go back in once you’re ready at no penalty! Just let your Game Master know if anyone is claustrophobic before you go in so that they can show you the emergency exits as they differ from event space to event space.

I really don’t want to be matched with strangers. At Adventure Rooms we NEVER match you with strangers. We realize that nothing is worse than arriving for your reservation just to realize that you and your friends will be matched with complete strangers, it can ruin the whole dynamic of your team!

$30 is a lot of money to pay. Is it worth it? Absolutely! You are about to partake in one of the most unique entertainment experiences of your life! This will be an opportunity for you and your friends to get closer and show off your teamwork abilities. If your still not convinced check out our TripAdvisor page to see why we have been given the Certificate of Excellence two years in a row.

At the end of the day we realize that the Adventure Rooms experience is much better with friends. That’s why we make it easy to be with the people that mean most to you. When you’re with people you are comfortable with you can freely let loose and have a great time. We have found that playing with friends actually increases outside the box thinking. Which means a higher chance at succeeding!

Worst case scenario if your friends still aren’t convinced you can always pull the friend card and beg them to come with you, also a nice bribe of some drinks after helps too. Real friends don’t let real friends play a room escape alone!

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