Having Your First Date at a Room Escape

You’ve played a room escape before and realized that it’s a very unique form of entertainment. Now you’re debating whether or not you want to bring the person you just met to a room escape for a first date. Don’t freak out, it’s definitely a good idea! We have seen many couples and first dates come out successful. Think of it as an opportunity to learn more about the person you’re with. Here are a few tips to help ensure your date doesn’t go cold in the first 10 minutes!

Meet them somewhere prior to your event.

You guys will be relying heavily on teamwork and communication so make sure you get loose before the event. Meeting up with your date and having a few drinks before your event is never a bad thing. This is an opportunity for you to break the ice a little before you’re trapped in a room for 60 minutes together.

Try to make a fun bet.

You can make a bet that you will solve more puzzles than the other person or make a bet about who will give up first! Regardless of what you choose, making a bet can be a great way to spark some friendly competition and make both of you closer.

Make sure you listen to their point of view.

Once in the room tensions may get high as the clock begins to tick down. Try to never get frustrated with the other person if they don’t understand something. That’s never a good first impression. Instead take a step back and really listen to their point of view. They might be saying something you wouldn’t have thought about on your own.

Never take yourself too seriously.

There are a lot of puzzles that you are going to have to solve in the event space and you won’t always have the right answer. Heck! You might even say something really silly that makes no sense at all. In those moments just laugh it off. After all room escapes are made to be fun not made to be tests.


Have some more first date tips? Let us know in the comments.