Are you looking for a long term project that will challenge you to improve every day?

Are you motivated, creative, extraverted, love to learn, yearn for an opportunity to make a difference?

If so, Adventure Rooms may be the place for you! Join us by becoming an Adventure Rooms Associate.


By joining our company, you will get the opportunity to learn and apply the following key skills:

● The ability to come up with new ideas

● The ability to sell products and services

● The ability to manage systems

● The ability to develop superstar employees

● The ability to take action


You will love our company culture. The price of admission includes the following:

● You will work harder than you’ve ever worked before

● You will learn more than you’ve ever imagined

● You will earn a “Personal MBA”

● You will grow with the company

At Adventure Rooms we identify your skill set/niche, and look to find a way to apply it where you and the company grow simultaneously.


Those who excel at Adventure Rooms:

● Are passionate about the idea and the company culture

● Anticipate problems before they occur

● Execute tasks beyond expectations

● Make difficult decisions based on a “gut” feeling

● Are driven to go the extra mile

● Genuinely want to improve every day

● Always have the best interest of the company in mind

● Are flexible, able to adapt to change in support of the company’s growth

At Adventure Rooms; you will learn business from the ground up. The most successful candidates are those who make the commitment to accelerate.


Duties and Responsibilities:

● The associate will be responsible for ensuring that all day to day operational tasks are carried out in a timely and effective manner.

● Typical responsibilities of this nature would include creating a weekly schedule for employees to ensure that all rooms have the minimum number of facilitators, weekly inventory checks of equipment and supplies, opening/closing duties, maintenance and cleaning of the site, maintaining standards and procedures, report to operations/human resources department regarding staff related issues, as well as administer a great amount of our events.

● This associate will be the primary point of contact between Adventure Rooms and its customers by providing superior customer service through handling customer inquiries by phone or email, processing any needed refunds, customizing corporate bookings, and handling any follow up needed from customer voicemails.

● Being the primary person on the ground, this person will administer many of the events at their site and will be a great contributor for covering the site’s scheduling demands.

● The associate will also be the direct team leader for all local facilitators and will be responsible for scheduling, maintaining the company culture, and creating an environment where facilitators can grow and succeed.

● Heavily involved in candidate selection, the associate will report to operational staff for approval of key decisions. Upon approval of critical decisions, hiring and firing of staff members (along with associated paperwork) will also be handled by the associate.

● Associates are willing to step in and handle any task that needs to be done, large or small. Also, the associate is able and expected to execute all of the duties of a facilitator.

● Marketing duties for the manager would include maintenance of the social media accounts, networking with customers, and gathering feedback about new rooms.

Overall, Adventure Rooms is looking for an associate that aligns with our corporate culture and values, who seeks to further them by creating a work environment that fosters this culture. This onsite associate creates more than just a place for people to work, but a place where they can grow and develop as individuals.


Required Skills:

● Excellent customer service skills (with a customer oriented focus)

● Solid work ethic

● Organization and effective time management

● Effective leadership skills

● Great communication skills and practices (verbal and written)

● Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint in specific

● The ability to sell

● Flexibility in work hours, must be available weeknights & weekends


If you feel that Adventure Rooms offers an opportunity and culture in which you will excel, please email us at


Please include in your cover letter:

● Why you are the perfect candidate to join the Adventure Rooms team

● The greatest adversity you’ve overcome in your life and how you overcame it

● The most difficult decision you’ve made in your life and how you were led to make that decision

● Managerial experience, if any

● Sales experience, if any

● What your greatest contribution would be to Adventure Rooms

Please attach your resume, including two professional references